Ain’t no Squad like a Skybags Squad

Skybags receives a ton of brand love, every day, through pictures and stories from happy customers on all our social platforms. On Instagram, we observed that people from different walks of life were taking pictures with their Skybags bag in fun, unique ways. We thought to ourselves, "Hey, these are some pretty neat pics. The rest of our followers deserve to see them, too."

And thus, Skybags Squad came into existence.

We decided to use this user-generated content and run a campaign that’s designed to feature happy customers and their backpacker experiences. These customers are a part of the Skybags Squad and they are the super cool heroes of this campaign.

Let’s introduce you to some of ‘em.

The beautiful Dimple Mangal, queening atop her Skybags suitcase, ready to zip across the world.

The adventurous Vigneshwaran Singharam. He has been stanning our backpacks since one saved his belongings from the rain. Hands on the handle!

The high-spirited Ashwin Okhade. He has been vibing with our backpacks ever since his first college trip to Goa. Here’s to many more trips, buddy!

 The wanderful Shubham Sharma, trekking through his bucket list, one peak at a time. We heard he loves the rain-covers on our backpacks. More power to you!


 The fashionable Vishakha Sen, masked up and ready to stay safe


 The rugged biker, Preetam Roy, biking his way through the roads not taken. Looking fly, there!

 Through our posts, we encouraged more users to send in their Skybags pics, and we were overwhelmed by the number of responses we got. The Skybags community is truly a family and you guys are the reason why we love doing what we do.

Keep inspiring and repping the #SkybagsSquad life!

Ain’t no Squad like a Skybags Squad