Blog posts Flexercise with Skybags - #FLEXWITHSKYBAGS

The youth, our energetic Gen Z is bold and passionate when it comes to expressing themselves. They own, celebrate and flex their individuality instead of concealing it.

They are who they are, and they shine bright just the way they are - precisely why everything they do makes them stand out.

So, to celebrate the spirit of Gen Z, we designed a campaign that called out every single person to bring out their best flex game. With Skybags setting the tone of style, we deployed the #FlexWithSkybags campaign that rallied young people from across the country

Much like the young and playful vibe of the brand and Gen Z, the campaign encouraged people to sport their favorite Skybags and perform simple exercises like squats and jumping jacks and upload them as reels – all while flaunting their flexibility, moves and style. 

Backpacks for Trekking Backpacks for Trekking

Teaming up with many popular influencers and driving engagement, the campaign called the Gen Z audience to share their moves with us. Entries poured in from every corner of the country, along with loads of love and appreciation.

Here’s a montage of some of the best #FlexWithSkybags videos:

After successfully ending the campaign and having seen all the crazy and fun moves, we can confidently say that when it comes to flexing in style, nobody does it better than Gen Z and our Skybags community. Here’s to more! Until then, let’s keep flexing. 

Blog posts Flexercise with Skybags - #FLEXWITHSKYBAGS