How to Choose the Perfect Bag or Backpack for School


The new academic year has started and we’re back to learning our favourite lessons with our best buddies and teachers. With schools reopening and ready to welcome another year of friendships, memories, and fun, it’s time for you to get school ready. And it all begins with buying a new school bag.


At Skybags, we got just what you need. Our backpacks offer you the best of styles and combine them with new-age comforts, so you have a great time learning. 


Designed to look stylish and offering the space for all your dreams and aspirations, it’s the perfect companion that will make each day of school more fun, memorable, and easy. From waterproof school bags to those with extra compartments and more, we have a wide range for you to choose from.


Here are some Skybags school bags for teens

Bingo Plus 01 School Bag

This stylish backpack is filled with extraordinary features like an organizer, secret pockets, rain cover and more. Perfect for back-to-school.



Astro NXT 09 with coin pouch

This bag is an absolute head turner. Its vibrant colors catch everyone’s attention and are ideal for the transition to secondary & senior secondary school. It’s even got a cool, hanging coin pouch. Get yours.



Figo Plus 05 Backpack

Here’s to the superhero in you. The Figo Plus backpack is perfect for your school. It’s spacious, stylish and comes with many functional and safety features. Get this and be school ready now.




So, what’s your pick?

How to Choose the Perfect Bag or Backpack for School