Protekt your rainy days with Skybags!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling that comes when travelling during the monsoon season. We can easily picture the scene; a piping hot cup of chai, the earthy smell of soil, the cool winds and even cooler droplets of water soothing our skin. Who doesn’t miss getting drenched with friends, coming home to hot pakodas made by mom? The monsoon season holds many memories dear to our hearts and we sure miss stepping out and enjoying the rains to the fullest.

Though we might not be travelling now, who says that we can’t stay prepared and can’t plan ahead? We’re here to tell you how exactly you can sort out your bag-related needs if you finally go for that much-awaited monsoon adventure you’ve been dreaming of.

Depending on the type, backpacks come in a variety of sizes and choosing one that fits best for your frame is important. While the backpack should be big enough to hold everything you pack it should be compact enough so that it doesn’t wear you down over the course of a long day. Investing in a good backpack is crucial as these are bound to be your everyday-carries throughout the trip.


Protekt strikes the perfect balance between sturdy and light and it’s the ideal companion for those rainy-day excursions.


When it comes to travelling effortlessly, you definitely want a backpack that can withstand splashes of water at unpredictable times. Finding cover when it rains can be tricky, too. Protekt is a 100% waterproof backpack with a touch-friendly transparent mobile pouch to keep your electronic gadget safe.

Additionally, the Protekt backpack comes with a detachable laptop & iPad sleeve for when you need to work on the move.

The Protekt backpack comes with a host of features like the bottle holder, a transparent phone pocket, ergonomic shoulder straps, and a mesh bottle holder. So start chalking out the plan for your next trip and put in place all your short-haul travel essentials.


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Protekt your rainy days with Skybags!