It’s the exam season; with back-to-back exams falling in the students' busy schedules, there is the pressure to study so many books and perform to their best abilities. However, there is one burden we can reduce. Skybags' small backpacks are the perfect picks for the exam season when we don't have to carry too much to our schools. With an extensive style range, college and school going students have various options to choose from. What's best, these bags can be used for multiple purposes such as picnics, travel, and so much more. Let us take a look at some of these fabulous Skybags backpacks:

  • Be the coolest of all
    The Skybags Boho 04 Unisex Graphic Green and Blue College Backpack is perfect for all occasions but especially for college students. However, this can also be the best bag for school with its colours, the blue and green compliment each other beautifully. This bag is perfect for when you don't have to carry too much to the school, becoming the ideal backpack for the exam season. Made out of premium fabric, this bag has one main compartment to carry all of your essentials and one slip-in pocket as well.

  • Channel your inner princess
    Who gets to be the queen? You! Check out this Skybags Stream 2 Unisex Graphic School Backpack, with its multi-shaded ombre pink, it is a winner in every aspect. This bag is perfect for anyone wanting to up their style quotient and stands out from the crowd. Prepare for people to clear from your way as you strut down the school corridors with this bag on your back. This bag screams royalty and comes with three spacious compartments and a rain cover. This school bag also features a bottle holder amongst others!

  • Make a statement with this stand-out backpack
    We all want to look cool after that part of the school, isn't it? Well, look no further, Skybags Boho Unisex Graphic Red and Blue College Backpack is just what you're looking for. This is the perfect school backpack for boys. With incredible graphics and stylish blue and red colour, this bag is built to give you an edge over other students. This bag is perfect for those who are in high school or college. This bag features one spacious main compartment to fit your essentials and what's special: one slip in pocket to store your items like a personal diary or maybe even a wallet.

  • Step in the corridors with style
    The Skybags Bff 3 Unisex Graphic Grey School Backpack is one of those perfect backpacks that fit all our essentials and still looks trendy and cool. The green and grey colour on this bag complements not just the exam season but also the cool kid within you; the green base is stylish and makes the bag look unique. This is one of the most stylish college bags for girls and boys and can be taken to the school during the exam season when we don't have to pack too heavy. This bag has two main compartments and one slip in pocket as well to store all essentials.

Skybags allows you to buy school and college bags online and browse through the collection to find the perfect bags. Skybags’ school bags are an essential part of student lives, and we must buy the perfect piece for the necessary comfort.