What is a Face Shield and Why use it | Skybags

A Face Shield is a protective gear that has a curved plastic attached to a headband or a spectacle that can be easily worn over your face. It is used to cover your nose, mouth and eyes, which means that the length of the shield covers your entire face.

The usage of Face Shields has risen significantly due to the crisis that surrounds us. Given the holistic protection that it offers, a Face Shields is used most effectively with masks. A 2014 study proved that a Face Shield is very effective against an influenza-infused aerosol, where the Face Shield reduced exposure by 96% during the period immediately after a cough.

When it comes to answering why we need to use a Face Shield, there are many reasons. But the most important one of them all is that it offers full-face protection.

One of the many things that the pandemic has taught us is that the virus can enter our system through various openings on our face. A mask covers the mouth and nose but leaves almost half of the face exposed, increasing the risk of transmission.

The Skybags Face Shield is a protective gear that provides comprehensive full-face protection. Its shield starts from the forehead, covering the eyes and nose and extends down to the mouth, going well beyond the chin.

Another important point that should be considered while using a Face Shield is the comfort angle. As the new normal approaches, safety is going to be of utmost importance. While going about our everyday tasks, we need to have the protection that makes us feel comfortable all day long. The Skybags Face Shield handles this problem very well because of its design. An individual can simply wear it as spectacles, leaving no room for discomfort.

In the end, the fact of the matter is that individually, a mask or a sanitizer or even a Face Shield might not be able to provide an effective protection. These must be used in conjunction with each other for an enhanced protection while practicing social distancing norms.

What is a Face Shield and Why use it | Skybags