What Makes a Perfect Travel Backpack?

Exotic landscapes, thrilling hikes across the globe and beautiful sprawling beaches; there is a sense of joy that comes with travel which is unparalleled and truly incomparable to any other experience. Our travel memories take us back down narrow lanes in unknown cities, to days of blissful wanderlust and a pure sense of wonder that inspired us to take the trip in the first place.

Though we might not be travelling now, there are countless trips that are just waiting to happen. And the one thing that is immensely important when planning a trip is choosing the right kind of bag for travelling. After all, none of us want to be lugging around bags that are twice our weight, right?

So, we decided to give you 3 simple and effective tips for choosing the best bag for travel.

  • Multiple Compartments for Effortless Organisation

When it comes to travelling effortlessly, a backpack that has a good storage capacity and multiple compartments is quite important. Imagine having exclusive compartments for water bottles, tiffin boxes and more. It’s a neatness fanatic’s dream come true. And we have the perfect fix for you. The Tropic 45 Weekender with a host of features like the raincover, bottle holder, earphone port, sleeping mat holder, etc. will sort your day out without much hassle. It saves having to dig around that backpack and you will thank us later.

Tropic 45 Weekender
  • Does Size Matter? We Think It Does.

Depending on the make, backpacks come in a variety of sizes and choosing one that fits best for your frame is important. While the backpack should be big enough to hold everything you pack it should be compact enough so that it doesn’t wear you down over the course of a long day. Investing in a good backpack is crucial as these are bound to be your everyday-carries throughout the trip.

Switch 50L Backpack

  • Stylish Comfort for those Picture-perfect Instagram Moments

Have you fantasised clicking those gorgeous pictures like most bloggers do when travelling across the globe? Well, a sturdy stylish backpack is just what you need for those fabulous Insta moments. While ensuring that the shoulder straps are padded, you can also play around with colours, patterns and style. From stylish backpacks to floral ones to simply cosmic prints for all Star Wars’ fans or printed ones that can amp up your style STAT, there’s a wide array of backpacks to choose from based on your personality & needs.

IGNIS 35 Weekender Blue

Because after all, if you’re on the move, you might as well move in style.

So, let's start by chalking out the plan for the next trip and putting in place some essentials for the same. Make sure you keep your personal preferences in mind and have fun browsing our website.

P.S. Don’t forget to send us your throwback travel pictures with your Skybags backpacks and we will feature the best ones.



What Makes a Perfect Travel Backpack?