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School backpacks have a special place in all our hearts. School is a special time in our lives and in this phase one of our most reliable companions has to be our backpacks. You want to pick a school bag that is functional, ergonomically designed and cute, all at the same time. There are a plethora of options when it comes to picking school bags online. You can pick different sizes, colours and designs. However, Skybags’ school backpacks are a class apart. They not only offer great options in style but are also super convenient and comfortable. From small backpacks to big ones, there is something for everyone. With the changing times and evolving technology, it is now easier for parents to buy school bags online. Whether it is high school bags for girls or stylish school bags for boys, there are umpteen number of options available online at your disposal.

Skybags knows what is best for children, being the pioneers & leaders in the industry.. Right from ensuring that the kids do not have to bear the brunt of carrying uncomfortable, heavy school backpacks to making branded school bags that have several features, Skybags is constantly designing products that match the needs of the kids. The backpacks boast of features like an organizer, secret pocket, built to last straps, an air mesh, name tags and more which make them the best in the industry as they provide functionality along with great designs. Most importantly, you also have the option of picking a backpack with rain cover for extra protection in the monsoon.

Don’t compromise on style while buying school backpacks online

School bags with rain cover does not mean you compromise on style and convenience. Skybags is known to blend functionality with design which is why all our products rank high on style as well as convenience. We understand that school backpacks are required to make you stand out among your friends and that they are meant to look stylish while doing the job of carrying all your belongings, that’s why you will notice all our bags with rain cover also rank high on style & designs. From uber-cool colours to eye-grabbing graphics, there is everything that you need to stand out. Browse through our Disney & Marvel collection of backpacks with rain cover that will instantly make you fall in love with them. Whether it is for schoolboys or schoolgirls, there is something for everyone out here. Explore small backpacks with rain cover for school children or high-school backpacks with built in rain cover for the older students.

Explore a range of school backpacks with rain cover at Skybags

Skybags has a plethora of options when it comes to the best backpack with rain cover. With features that are what make these bags stand out, you will be spoilt for choice at Skybags. With spacious compartments, pockets for holding different things, fabric water bottle holder, long-lasting, cushioned shoulder straps, stationary pouches, secret pockets and stylish designs, there is something for everyone at Skybags. Cool school backpacks with quirky prints are the memo for this generation and Skybags is on top of their game. These sturdy school backpacks with rain cover are ideal for the many textbooks and all their artwork. The ergonomically designed built to last straps ensure that all the weight does not come on to the shoulders and that the weight is well distributed.

Get your hands on trendy school backpacks online at Skybags

Whether it involves shopping for school backpacks for boys or girls, Skybags is known to have trendy backpacks for all. You can pick from Disney and Marvel characters or even go for some cool and latest designs that will bring a smile to your child’s face. Let them have fun with the backpacks of their choice while also ensuring their books and belongings are safe with the rain cover. Skybags believes that backpacks should not only be limited for functional purposes, but they should also add some style to your overall look. Whether it is a school bag, a college bag, or a laptop bag, these backpacks should be your accessory that carries your belongings in the most stylish way possible. Therefore, all the Skybags bag designs have a quirk and are bold and bright while being comfortable and easy-to-carry.

Add these school backpacks with rain cover in your cart

With Skybags you can buy school bags online with ease. All you have to do is place the order and wait for your desired backpack to reach your doorstep. The brand philosophy is to provide backpacks that are colourful and are graphic that make you fall in love with them at the very first sight.

Add them to your cart if you are still wondering and scrolling around the website. We are sure this is going to be guilt-free purchase as these backpacks are never going out of style.

Frequently Asked Questions on School Backpack with Rain Cover

Are backpacks with rain cover worth it?

Yes, absolutely! Why should you worry about books and important school stationery getting wet? These school backpacks with rain cover will ensure all your belongings are safely kept in the bag without you having to worry about it. They are totally worth the money and give you the best protection against rains.

How do you cover a backpack?

Skybags school backpacks come with rain covers that protect your bag from the rain. All you have to do is pull the rain cover when you need it, and you are good to go. The rain cover ensures all your belongings as well as your bag is safe.

How do I keep my backpack dry in the rain?

You can easily get a backpack that has a rain cover to ensure it is safe from the rain. This will keep it dry and also keep all the books, artwork and other stationery safe from getting wet.

Which are the best Skybags school bags with rain cover?

There are a plethora of options when picking the school backpack with rain cover. Anything from the Skybags Stream 2 Unisex Graphic School backpack to the Astro collection, all of them have super cool designs and great graphics.

Which is better, a water-resistant bag or a bag with rain cover?

A water-resistant bag will still get wet which means there is still a chance of things in your bag getting wet. A rain cover is like a protective cover that you can pull over your backpack to keep it safe from getting wet. A backpack with rain cover is better owing to the added protective layer.

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