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About Skybags Face Shield

The Skybags Face Shield is a personal protection product which aims to protect the full face of the user from risks such as chemical splashes, flying objects or potential infections in the air.

It acts as a superior option for maximising comfort while you get back to action and navigate the new normal. The face shield has a UV protection film thus allowing you to step out in the sun carefree. Being reusable, it can be washed easily with mild soap water every day.

Ensuring that it enhances your comfort, the face shield is designed meticulously keeping in mind a varied number of factors such as size, full face protection, anti-fogging, super light material and much more. Not only does it protect you from microbes, pollutants, smoke, etc. but is also your 9am-to-9pm essential in today’s world.

Features of Skybags Face Shield

How does the Face Shield
act as a protection?

While the uncertainty around us increases, having the right solution to keep yourself protected & a tool to aid you to get back to action is of prime importance. The face shield provides

  • A barrier to acutely expelled aerosols of body fluid and shields any external elements from the face.
  • The reusable & washable feature also minimises the handling of potentially contaminated PPE.
  • Improves comfort and breathability whilst having the potential to avoid inadvertent touching of the item.
  • Re-usable feature which protects from harmful microbes, accidental fluid / sneeze droplets from reaching a user’s face.

Note: The face shield is part of the PPE kit which consists of a face shield, face mask, alcohol-based sanitizer, gloves, etc. Using a face shield enhances protection from body fluid and creates a barrier between any external element and the user’s face. To maintain high safety standards and to further reduce the chances to contract Covid-19, always use the face shield along with all the other elements of PPE kit.

What makes the Skybags Face Shield unlike any other?

The face shield is a tool that will enhance your safety measures and help you to step out into the world with confidence. Why Skybags face shield? Here’s what makes us stand out-

  • The face shield is made of scratch & fog resistant material which in turn provides unparalleled visibility to the wearer.
  • It provides comprehensive protection from the eyes right up to the chin and at the same time accommodates prescription glasses.
  • Includes a spectacle frame that can firmly secure the face shield for a snug fit.
  • The shield can also be detached & replaced as and when required.
  • It prevents the wearer from spreading large respiratory droplets, it also deters subconscious face touching and allows easy breathing.

Applications / Use Case

Travel & Commute



When in office


Accepting Deliveries

How to wear the Face Shield?

  • Step 1. Peel the scratch protection films from both sides of the face shield before using.
  • Step 2. Pull to open the blue connector on both sides of the spectacle arm.
  • Step 3. Press the connector to attach the spectacle arm with the face shield.
  • Step 4. After connecting the face shield with the connector and spectacle arm, wear it like spectacles.  

Skybags Face Shield Specification

Brand Skybags
Manufacturer VIP Industries Limited
Country of Origin India
Standard size One size
Dimensions 7.1 x 6.7 x 7.7 (inches)
Weight 56gms
Material Spectacle - Polycarbonate & Face Shield - PET
Micron thickness Face shield - 0.3 mm

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Covid-19 can spread from person to person through small droplets from the nose or the mouth which spread across when a person who has the virus either coughs or exhales. The face shield acts as a barrier against these droplets from landing on another person's face. To know more about How Covid-19 spreads – Click Here

The spectacle is made of Polycarbonate & the face shield is made of PET.

Yes. The face shield can be used multiple times. It’s washable & reusable.

Features Mask Shield
Full Face Coverage No Yes
Deters subconscious face touching No Yes
Splatter Resistant Yes Yes
Skin Irritation and allergies Yes No
Fogging of Glasses Yes No
Ease of cleaning Low High
Excessive sweating Yes No
Ability to converse Low High
Time taken for drying post washing High Low

We recommend users to wear the face shield over and above the mask along with other elements of the PPE kit. Wearing a mask is compulsory as per Govt. of India

The face Shield is built with an anti-fogging feature that allows no fog on the surface. This ensures optimum clarity and vision.

The face shield can be used multiple times along with being washable. It is recommended to change the face shield with a new one present in the box every 30 days.

The face shield should ideally be worn every time you step out of the house. From buying groceries to heading for meetings, the face shield is an all-day essential.

Spray a surface cleaner or a mild soap and water solution on the face shield. Ensure that you use a water-based solution. Avoid any other aggressive solutions. Do not boil to sterilize. Wipe out the soap solution gently off the face shield with a soft towel or tissue paper. Do not use scrubbers or brushes for cleaning. Wipe in an up and down motion and avoid wiping in a zigzag direction.

The face shield should be washed thoroughly after every outing to ensure flawless hygiene standards are maintained.

The Skybags Back to Action Face Shield can be bought on the Skybags website & your nearest hyper market, departmental stores.

The face shield provides the utmost comfort because of the superior design function and light-weight feature. The face shield will not just allow ease of movement but also allow the user to breathe comfortably.

The face shield provides complete protection and the same gets amplified only when used with the other elements of the PPE kit. Just like the mask needs the face shield, no element can be used all by itself. Having the complete safety kit is always recommended for utmost protection.