At the very heart of Skybags lies a traveller willing to experience every moment with passion and style. To chase the next goal and adventure with utmost curiosity - all in style. Skybags is for those who seek the same.

Skybags weaves its ‘Move in Style’ philosophy into its products through exciting features and vibrant tones. All while ensuring that our four decades of dedicated research and engineering ensure that the products are as stylish as they are fashionable.

Befitting for a leading name in fashion, we are the first Indian brand to manufacture printed polycarbonate luggage along with trolleys, rucksacks, backpacks, duffels, laptop bags, everyday travel accessories and short-haul essentials.

With school bags, College bags, adventure bags and everything in between, it offers nothing but the best, so people can be their best.

A product of the VIP Industries (est. 1971) - market leaders for over 50 years, it shares the same ideologies and standards of quality as its sister brands VIP, Carlton and Caprese.

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Backpacks: A Convenient Way To Travel Around!

We have all heard of backpacks and have used them at least once in our lifetime. Whether it was during school, college or currently while we are traveling to work, backpacks are easy, convenient, and super comfortable. They help carry all our belongings easily while we are traveling for a day trip, weekend trip or even if it is our daily commute. Many consider backpacks to be boring and dull because even though they are functional, they don’t really help make a statement. Skybags is breaking this stereotype around backpacks as it provides school bags, college backpacks, laptop backpacks, rucksack backpacks, daypack backpack and more in cool colours, eye-grabbing graphics and unique styles. All of us like moving in style when it comes to our outfits and shoes then why not maintain the same style when it comes to our bags? Keeping this thought in mind, Skybags offers a myriad of stylish options in casual backpacks for college as well as professional backpacks.

Skybags hail from VIP Industries (est. 1971), market leaders for more than 50 years. The idea is to keep it smooth and impactful without trying too hard, right? Skybags’ backpacks got your back, quite literally when we say that you are sure going to make one great impression with the best college laptop backpacks or outdoor backpacks in the market. With the changing times and evolving technology, it is now easier than ever to place your order and buy school bags online or travel bags online. Whether it is a stylish laptop backpack for college or professional laptop backpacks, Skybags has a range that you cannot say no to.

Skybags knows what consumers are looking for and what are the current trends, which is what makes it the best backpack brand in the market.

What should you look for while shopping for backpacks online?

When shopping for college bags online, it is important to ensure all your requirements are met. A backpack is designed to make your life easier and make it convenient for you to travel and carry your belongings while traveling. Skybags’ backpacks come in a variety of sizes, colours and features that make it easy for you to pick and choose a backpack that best suits your style and requirements. Whether it is school backpacks for boys, there are a plethora of options available to you when you browse through the Skybags website online. Make sure you pick a backpack that is spacious, boasts of enough compartments, has various pocket organizers, a water bottle holder and most importantly, is convenient to carry with long-lasting shoulder straps. Moreover, if you are looking for laptop bags, you must pick a 15” laptop backpack or 17” laptop backpack depending on your laptop size and your requirement.

Features of Skybags’ backpacks

Skybags backpacks will leave you spoilt for choice. From college bags, travel bags to laptop bags and rucksacks Skybags has designed several options for those looking for functionality with design. All Skybags’ backpacks come with common features like spacious compartments, fabric water bottle holders, mesh pockets, an organizer, cushioned, long-lasting shoulder straps, cushioned pocket for laptops, lightweight and most importantly, they all rank high on style and cool designs. Moreover, when you pick school bags for boys or school bags for girls, you will get specific colours, designs and features that best suit them. You can also pick a backpack with raincover for added protection in the monsoon. Each Skybag backpack is specially designed keeping in mind the consumer’s convenience, comfort and the style that best suits them.

Browse through the wide range of stylish backpack options at Skybags

Skybags has a range of college and school backpacks that feature Disney and Marvel characters that are sure to be a favourite. Moreover, even professional laptop bags and rucksacks come in various colour options depending on whether you want to keep it cool or subtle. One of the biggest advantages of picking Skybags’ backpacks as your companion is that you will always move in style owing to their super-cool designs and colours. Go for whacky colours that make you stand out or solid colours that match your personality. Whatever you pick, you will definitely make a statement with a Skybags backpack.

Buy backpacks online at Skybags

Online shopping was never that easy. Skybags makes online shopping for backpacks a cakewalk. All you have to do is pick the backpack of your choice, place the order and wait for the delivery at your doorstep. Order your favourite backpacks from the comfort of your home. Skybags believes that backpacks should not only be limited for functional purposes, but they should also add some style to your overall look. Whether it is a school bag, a college bag, or a laptop bag, these backpacks should be your accessory that carries your belongings in the most stylish way possible. Therefore, all the Skybags bag designs have a quirk and are bold and bright while being comfortable and easy-to-carry. The brand philosophy is to provide backpacks that are colourful and are graphic that make you fall in love with them at the very first sight. Skybags offers an easy return policy and warranty in case of any issues after receiving the backpack at home.

Add them to your cart if you are still wondering and scrolling around the website. We are sure this is going to be guilt-free purchase as these backpacks are never going out of style.

Frequently Asked Questions on Skybags

What type of bags are available at Skybags?

Skybags have backpacks for school, college, outdoor or work purposes. Each of these ranges are super convenient and boast of features that can make traveling easy for you. From innovative designs to cool graphics, there is something for everyone out here. All the bags at Skybags are a great blend of functionality and style.

Is Skybags a good brand?

Skybags is a brand from the house of VIP industries which is a pioneer in the market of bags. Skybags is a super reliable brand that will have your back if you have any issues or any trouble with the bag. They only use the best quality materials for all their bags ensuring the brand offers the best to its consumers. They offer an easy return policy and 12-month international warranty, in case you face any issues.

Which brand is best for school bags?

When it comes to school bags, it is essential to use cool colours, characters and graphics that kids love to flaunt among their friends. Skybags has a range of school bags for boys and girls that feature Disney and Marvel characters as well as other graphics. Moreover, all school backpacks are designed to keep it easy and convenient for kids to carry their belongings.

What is the best type of backpacks?

A good backpack can make a whole lot of difference. Skybags has a range of stylish and cool backpacks which are designed keeping in mind the needs of the consumers. You can pick from a college laptop backpack to a casual slim college backpack or a daypack backpack. All of these options come with great features like spacious compartments, built to last shoulder straps, water bottle holder and much more.

Why is buying a backpack convenient?

A good backpack will allow you to carry all your belongings without any inconvenience. You can easily carry everything around without having to push or pull. Just wear your backpack and jet off to your next big adventure.

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